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GPON ONT with RF overlay


AONT-100 GPON ONT with RF overlay

We provide cost-effective services to single family units (AONT-100 and 1000 family), small to medium businesses (AONT-2000 family), or multiple dwelling/multiple tenant units (AONT-3000 family).

  • Allied Data Technologies International BV provides a full line of GPON Optical Network Terminals (ONTs).

    We provide cost-effective services to single family units (AONT-1000 family), small to medium businesses (AONT-2000 family), or multiple dwelling/multiple tenant units (AONT-3000 family).

    Every AONT is fully FSAN (ITU-T G.984) compliant, and capable of providing standard POTS and Ethernet user services, but each is capable of also providing services unique to its target application.

    The AONT-1000 family comes with optional RF video overlay, and is available in indoor and outdoor versions. The AONT-2000 family small business units (SBU) provide multiple E1 service ports providing TDMoIP, POTS lines and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.

    The AONT-3000 family MDU features configurable service cards that provide various combinations of POTS, Ethernet and VDSL2+ services.

  • Features

    • Built-in Triplexer for Video RF-Overlay
    • Indoor wall or table mount
    • Four 10/1 OOBase-T Ethernet RJ-45 Ports
    • 2 analog 2-wire RJ-ll (POTS) VolP SIP voice ports, G.711 codec, 5 REN per port
    • CLASS 5 Voice Services
    • Lifeline POTS when used with the AONT-l OO-U PS
    • Built-in L2 switch, 256 MAC addresses and 16 VLAN VIDs
    • MAC address limiting
    • CustomerVLAN tagged (802.1 p), priority tagged and untagged frames
    • ToS/DSCP to 802.1 pmapping
    • IGMPvl/v2/v3 snooping and filtering
    • Ethernet UNI output shaping, and upstream scheduling
    • GPON "dying gasp" power loss indica­tion

    The AONT-l00 has been optimized for single family homes or apartments and small home
    offices (SOHO) that require an RF-overlay for video delivery.

    High Bandwidth GPON
    The AONT-l00 is fully FSAN (lTU-T G.984) compliant with a 1.244 Gb/s upstream and 2.488 Gb/s downstream, Class B+ GPON system. In addition it supports downstream AES (128-bit key) and downstream and upstream FEC RS(255,239).

    Ethernet Quality of Service
    The AONT-l00 has extensive Ethernet QoS features, including 802.3x flow control, DSCP to 802.1 p mapping, upstream congestion control, and down­ stream traffic scheduling for premium or time sensitive content. Intelligent and robust buffer and queue management for Ethernet traffic, with individual prioritizable queues, ensures that tiered residential service offerings based on different bit-rates and QoS can be supported.

    The AONT-l 00 comes with the latest security features, including MAC address spoofing protection, MAC/IP address port binding, MAC/IP address limiting on a per port basis, local port-to-port switching blocking option, 802.1 X MAC­ based authentication, per-port Access Control List (ACL) based on port, MAC address and Ether-type, and DOS prevention.

    Flexible Management
    The AONT-l 00 is managed from the AOLT-4000 OLT over the GPON's OMCI channel. The AOLT in turn is managed with either Alphion's Element Manage­ment System (AEMS) that provides configuration, profile based provisioning,event and fault management and performance monitoring for the AONT, or a 3rd party EMS using SNMP or a legacy NMS.

  • Optical Interface
    Standard GPON Fully ITU-T G.984 compliant
    Link Budget 28 dB (Class B+)
    Wavelength Upstream: 1310 nm; Downstream: 1490 nm
    Line Rate +0.5 to +5.0 dBm
    Output power -27 dBm (at 10 dB extinction ratio)Sensitivity*
    Overload -8dBm
    Distance up to 60 km (depending on split ratio and reach extension)
    Connector SC/APC (required for RF-Overlay)

    GPON lC Layer
    FEC & AES AES (128-bit key) and FEC RS (255,239)
    DBA Yes
    No. GEM Ports Number is software dependent
    No. TCONT/AllocID Number is software dependent

    Video Interfaces
    Type Coax F-Connector

    Data Interfaces
    Type Four 10/1 OOBase-T RJ-45 Ethernet interfaces
    Rate & Duplex Auto-negotiation
    MDI/MDIX Auto-sensing
    VLAN Support 802.1 Q with VLAN tag manipulat­ion
    MAC & VLAN Table 256 MAC Address and 16 VLAN IDs
    Priority VLAN 802.1 p, VID=O 802.1 p, vToS/DSCP to 802.1 p mapping

    Voice Interfaces
    Type Two FXS POTS RJ-ll interfaces, 5 REN, Balanced Ring
    VolP Protocol SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) (RFC3261) and SDP (RFC2327)
    Codec Multiple codec support
    DTMF RFC2833 or In-band
    Tones and Ring Configurable
    Dial Plan Configurable
    FAX and Modem G.711 for FAX/mode in TTY orT.38 FAX
    CLASS 5 Services Yes, Various
    Conditioning Echo Cancellation, Voice Activity Detection, Comfort Noise Gener­alization

    Product sheet

  • Temperature -5 to +50°C
    Humidity 5% to 95% (non-condensing)

    WxDxH 330 mm x 254 mm x 102 mm
    Powering +12VDC
    Mounting Wall and table mounting


    EMC EN55022, CISPR-22 Class A, ETSI 300
    Safety 386, TEC SD/EMI-Ol/02 Sept. 2001 EN60950, UL60950, CE, Optical I EC -60825-1 Class B Laser safety per G.664
    Environmental QM-333 'B2" Category
    Transient RF Immunity EN/IEC61 000-4-4 (2001) Level 2
    Radiant EN/IEC61 000-4-3 (2002) level 2
    Conductive Immunity EN/IEC61 000-4-6 (2001) level 2
    Surge EN/IEC61 000-4-5 (2001) O.5KV (line) and l.5KV (earth)
    ESD EN/IEC61 000-4-2 (2001) Contact level 2 and air discharge level 3