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9 RU, ETSI Optical Line Terminal Chassis

  • Optical Line Terminal Chassis

    The AOLT-4000 Optical Line Terminal family is an affordable, scalable, high-availability platform that provides carrier-class, reliable and secure services to over 5000 Optical Network Terminals, and thousands of users on 40 separate GPON access interfaces – all from a single, AOLT-4000 chassis.

    The AOLT-4000 family can be configured with single or 1+1 redundant controller cards, single or 1+1 redundant switch cards and up to ten 4-port GPON line cards. It also has redundant power, fan, alarm and timing interfaces for delivering true carrier-grade services.

    Up to four AOLT-4000 chassis can be configured in a single bay, and multiple bays can be managed from a single AEMS management workstation, providing services to even the largest GPON access network.

    The AOLT-4000 supports ring and star fiber architectures as well as fiber path protection. The system has been designed with sophisticated quality of service capabilities, the highest level of security, and the most advanced management capabilities for delivering Triple Play services.

    For more details on the Alphion Product offering, please refer to the Product Briefs in the download section below

  • Features

    • 9 RU, ETSI 515 mm hole to hole rack mount and 500 mm aperture
    • 537 mm W x 300 mm D x400 mm H
    • Operating temperature range -5 to +50°C, 5% to 90% non- condensing relative humidly
    • Requires front access only
    • Redundant controllers and aggregation switches
    • Supports card hot swap
    • Redundant 1 1 control and aggregation switches option
    • 1+1 (from different cards) uplink protection option
    • 1:1 (same card) uplink protection option Dual shelf power inputs
    • Dual BITS/SS U clock inputs
    • Central office dry alarms contacts via the control card
    • Integrated Fiber management
    • Forced air cooling with field replaceable air filter

    The AOLT-4000 is designed for Carrier Central Office or MSO Hub environments for enabling cost-effective FTTx services.

    Flexible Configuration 
    Two control card slots for 1 1 Control cards. Two switch slots for 1 1 Aggregation switch cards with redundant 10-GbE and 1-GbE Service Node Interfaces (SNI) uplinks. Ten line card slots.

    Data Plane Connectivity 
    The AOLT-4000's data plane consists of redundant 1 O-GbE connections to each card slot from the two dedicated double-width AOLT-4000-SWT slots in the shelf.

    Control Plane Connectivity 
    The AOLT-4000's control plane consists of redundant 1-GbE connections to each card slot from the two dedicated AOL T-4000-CTL slots.

    Synchronization Connections 
    Inputs for redundant BITS/SSU timing for GPON and TDM synchronization and outputs for sourcing clocks for external synchronization use.

    Switch Capacity
    Dual star redundant architecture with 20 Gb/s bandwidth to each card slot and 400 Gb/s bandwidth total capacity.

    High Availability 
    High Availability architecture where removal or insertion of any single card does not affect existing connections on other cards. Even in a system with a single AOLT-4000-CTL card, a failure of the control card does not affect the working traffic. To increase control plane availability, a second mate AOLT-4000-CTL card can be inserted in the AOLT-4000 chassis, providing 1 1 redundancy for the control plane. Likewise to increase data plane availability, a second mate AOLT- 4000-SWT card can be inserted in the AOLT-4000 chassis, providing 1 1 redundancy for the data and signaling plane.

    AEMS or SNMP Managed
    With the AOLT-4000-CTL card insta lied the AOLT-4000 is either remotely or locally managed from either Alphion's Element Management System (AEMS) or with a 3rd party EMS using SNMP or a legacy NMS.

  • Capacity
    2 slots: redundant control cards (AOLT- 4000-CTL)
    2 slots (double-width): redundant switch and timing cards (AOLT-4000-SWT)
    10 slots: GPON Line Cards (AOLT-4000- GLCP)

    Management interface 
    Protocol SNMPv2c
    Interface 10/1 OOBase-T
    Ports 2

    Craft interface 
    USB 2.0 (type B connectors)

    BITS/SSU clock 
    Two inputs 75 ohms BNC and DB9
    Two outputs 75 ohms BNC and DB9

    Five outputs DB15

    Power supply
    Dual input; individually controlled by circuit breaker -40.0 to +56.7 VDC

    Forced air cooling with fans

  • Dimensions
    WxDxH: 537 mm x 300 mm x 400 mm
    Frame mounting: ETSI 515 mm hole to hole, and 500 mm aperture

    Operating environment
    Temperature -5 to +50°C
    Relative humidity 5% to 90% (non-condensing)

    EMC: EN55022,CISPR-22 Class A
    Safety:EN60950, UL60950, CE, Optica I IEC-60825-1 Class B Laser safety per G.664
    Environmental: EN300 019-1-3, QM-333 'B2" Category
    Chassis: EN300119-4
    Transient: EN/IEC61 000-4-4 (2001) Level 2
    Radiant RF Immunity: EN/IEC61 000-4-3 (2002) level 2
    Conducted Immunity: EN/IEC61 000-4-6 (2001) level 2
    Surge: EN/IEC61 000-4-5 (2001) 0.5 KV (line) and 1.5 KV (earth)
    ESD: EN/IEC61 000-4-2 (2001) Contact level 2 & air discharge level 3