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Compact 8-port GPON Optical Line Terminal

  • Compact 8-port GPON Optical Line Terminal

    The latest advancement from Alphion Corporation is the 1 RU OlT. This
    innovative OlT unit gives unmatched performance through 4 x 1 GbE
    (SFP) and 2 x 10GbE (XFP) uplink ports in a space and power conscious
    design. The AOlT-4200 mountable on the standard 19 inch rack feature
    compact design requiring only 1 Rack Unit of space saves valuable rack
    space. One of the industry's highest port density OlTs, easy installation
    and seamless configuration capability are just some of the innovations of
    this unit.

    Servicing many markets such as Telecom, CATV, Enterprise providers
    Alphion saw a need for a more versatile OlT unit that would benefit
    customers not only through more efficient power utilization but
    wouldn't diminish in performance as well. The built-in high performance
    switch of the AOlT-4200 supports Ethernet base layer 2 switching
    function, and provides up to 512 GPON subscribers.

    The advanced design of the AOlT-4200 offers the same functionality of
    the AOlT-4000 chassis family, supporting layer 2 functions as STP
    (Spanning Tree Protocol), Link aggregation, port-based VlAN, 802.1 Q,
    mirroring and DHCP relay and IGMP snooping/proxy for efficient
    transmission of multicast traffic.

    This original design also supports the IEEE1588v2 PTP and distributes
    ToD over GPON framing which is suitable for 2G/3G and lTE mobile
    backhaul applications.

  • Stable GPON

    • Complies with ITU-T G.984.1-4
    • G-PON standard
    • 2.5Gbps downstream and 1.2SGbps
    • upstream
    • DBA (Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation)
    • and QoS based on 4,096 ofT-CaNT
    • 128 bit AES Encryption and FEC

    High Performance Layer 2 Switching

    • Full throughput for all ports (non-blocking)
    • High capacity packet switching (16K MAC table)
    • Powerful Layer 1 ~ 4 filtering and QoS
    • IGMP Snooping/Proxy for multicasting network

    Various Interfaces

    • Downlink Interface (SFP): 8 PONs
    • Uplink interface: 4 x 1 GbE (SFP) and 2 x 1 OGbE (XFP)

    Excellent Operation and Management

    • Management via SNMP/Telnet & Console


    • Layer 1 ~4 Packet filtering (ACL)
    • DHCP Packet filtering
    • MAC Restriction per port
    • Broadcast / Multicast / DLF packet limit
    • Port flood guard for abnormal traffic
    • Loop detection and blocking

    Power redundancy (DC only)
    19" standard rack mountable

  • GPON
    ITU-T G.984.1 ,2,3,4 compliant
    Downstream: 2.5Gbps, 1490nm, Class B+ and C+
    Upstream: 1.2SGbps, 131 Onm, Class B+ and C+
    Service Distance: up to 20km
    Split ratio: up to 64

    Layer 2 Switching (Store and Forward)
    Switching Capacity: 160Gbps Ethernet Switching

    Switching Performance
    Full throughput for all ports (Non-blocking)
    16 KMAC
    4095 VLANs

    IGMP snooping, IGMP proxy
    Link aggregation, LACP
    DHCP relay with Option 82

    Packet filtering (Access control list), Port flood guard
    MAC address limitation per port

    8 priorities queues per port
    802.1 p, ToS, DSCP marking/remarking
    Scheduling: SPQ, WRR, WFQ

    Congestion Control
    HOL Blocking prevention
    Back pressure, 802.3x

    Alphion EMS, CLI, Telnet, RMON, SNMP v1/v2
    Remote S/W upgrade via TFTP and FTP
    Alarm (Critical, Major, Minor)
    Built-in Real-time clock, NTP, built-in thermometer

    paN ports: 8 PONs (SFP ordered separately)

    Uplink Interface:
    4 ports of 1 OOOBase-X (SFP ordered separately)
    2 ports of 1 OGbE (XFP ordered separately)

  • Dimensions:
    430(w) x 290(d) x 44(h) mm
    19 inch standard rack mountable (1 RU)

    Net Weight: max. S.4Skg
    Front Access Structure
    Power redundancy, fan, thermometer

    Input Power: redundant 48VDC or non-redundant 90-270VAC SO/60Hz
    Power consumption: max. 8SW
    Operation Temp: 0 °C ~ 40°C
    Noise: max. 4SdBA