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V34 Leased Line Modem



High-quality modem, designed for trade and industry. This professional external modem also offers leased line support, an option which enables to be online continuously.

  • Allied Data Technologies Professional V34 analogue 33K6 modem for reliable connections in an industrial environment.

    The ADT 288LCD high-quality modem is designed for trade and industry. This professional external modem offers also leased line support, an option which ables your company to be online continuously. The ADT 288LCD also offers the unique quality of auto-dial-back, including 10 numbers & passwords memory, and Remote Configuration.

    Companies rely on security with a fast remote connection with this ADT 288LCD

  • Modulation
    Multi-dimension TCM(2400 ~ 33600bps) QAM&TCM(4800 ~ 14400bps) QAM(2400bps) DPSK (1200bps) FSK(0 ~ 300bps)

    ITU-T V.34 / V.32bis / V.32 / V.22 / V.22bis / V.21 / V.23, VFC, Bell 103/212A/V.13 HDX

    Full duplex or simulated half duplex signalling on 2-wire PSTN or 2/4wire leassed line with dial backup, Power-on auto dial-up with auto re-dial, Power-on leased-line auto connection
    Auto dial, Auto answer, Manual dial, Manual answer
    Synchronous/Asynchronous, AutoSync.

    DTE Speed
    115200 / 57600 / 38400 / 19200 / 9600 / 4800 / 2400 / 1200 / 300 bps
    Error Control
    ITU-T V.42 and MNP4

    ITU-T V.42bis and MNP5

    Cellular Phone Protocol

    Multi-Mode Handshake
    Automode disabled / enabled with / without ITU-T V.8

    Command Compatible
    Hayes 'AT' Extended command set or V.25bis command set

    LCD Controller
    Operation by menu driven with password lock

    ITU-T V.54 Loop back test (Digital, Analog, Remote Digital) with 511 and U test pattern, Power on self test

    Flow Control
    Xon / Xoff, CTS / RTS, DTR / DSR uni-or bi-directional

    Auto- or manual-retrain with fall forward / fallback rate negotiation

    Call back security with Max. 20 telephone numbers and password

    Max. 10 telephone numbers and 10 user profiles

    Remote Configuration
    Full function configurable through front panel LCD and by Network Management System (NMS)

    Receive Sensitivity
    -4 to -43 dBm


    G3 / EIA Class 1 , Class 2 , ITU-T V.17 / V.27ter / V.29

    Transmit Level
    Selectable from: 0 to 31 dBm for leased line
    Selectable from: 0 to -15 dBm for PSTN

    Call Progress Monitor
    Busy tone, Dial tone, Ring back

    Terminal Interface
    EIA RS-232C D-type 25 pin connector with ITU-T V.24 / V.28 recommandation

  • Operating Temperature
    From 0 degrees to 45 degrees Celcius

    Storage Temperature
    From -10 degrees to 80 degrees Celcius

    Relative Humidity
    from 0% to 95% non-condensing

    Power Requirement
    AC 90 ~ 260 Volts / 47 ~ 63Hz or DC 12 / 48Volts

    • Modem
    • RJ11 telephone cable
    • RJ45 telephone cable
    • RJ11 connector box
    • AC power cord
    • CD with drivers, manual and specifications