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Allied Data Technologies International BV has a long and successful history in Data Communications stretching over twenty-five years. Originally founded as Tron, the company was one of the earliest developers of Analog modems for dialup and leased-line communications.

Later, Allied Data Technologies International BV worked with the world’s leading chip designers, and created the original reference designs for the first DSL modems that became the foundation for most modem designs produced by manufacturers today.

Allied Data Technologies has designed, manufactured and supplied some of the world’s largest telecommunications companies with DSL modems for customer premises, and has shipped large numbers of units to clients throughout the world. In addition, Allied Data Technologies modems are the Privately Branded, CPE products supplied by a number of the industry’s leading Telecom Hardware companies and Service Providers under their own brands.

Allied Data Technologies is unique in that we have a long history of developing the actual firmware, software and hardware in our products. Many companies in the industry rely on “reference designs” from the chip supplier and lack the ability to modify, improve and differentiate their products without extensive cooperation from the chip suppliers.

Allied Data Technologies is able to provide our customers with products ranging from base level “reference designs” to enhanced products offering better performance, improved cost/value and enhanced features.
This allows our customers to differentiate their products to meet the needs of their end users, leading to a more productive and profitable customer relationship and increased sales and profits. In addition, since Allied Data Technologies can design and modify the designs; we are able to adapt to the deviations from industry standards-and the at times sub-optimal network issues-to provide better performance with fewer service costs.

While experienced at competing in very large customer projects, Allied Data Technologies is also able to work closely with the smaller tier 2 and 3 customers to give them products more directly matched to their differing needs. Allied Data Technologies is recognized worldwide in the Telco industry for these capabilities.

Today, Allied Data Technologies has a mature Broadband CPE portfolio ranging from analog modems, ISDN terminal adapters and ADSL, ADSL2+, SHDSL, VDSL2, GPON Gateways and FTTH for residential and small business including VoIP and WiFi support. Allied Data Technologies has its own R&D, Engineering, support and sales departments located worldwide to assist customers in their local markets.

The company has its headquarters in the Netherlands.